MassSave is a non profit created when the electic and gas utilities were deregulated. They provide a range of services for homeowners in Massachusetts including a free energy audit as well as money in the form of grants and 0% loans for energy efficiency upgrades. Cellu-Spray is NOT a registered MassSave contractor so while you cannot hire us through this program there are many options available.


NESEA is an educational non profit that focuses on the sustainable building and clean energy fields with programs for professionals and consumers. Jonathan worked at NESEA for seven years prior to purchasing Cellu-Spray and it is a great resource if you are interested in sustainability.


Cellu-Spray has used Nu-Wool insulation since National Fiber became a certified Nu-Wool manufacturer. When Green Fiber bought the National Fiber plant and subsequently shut it down we decided to get our cellulose directly from Nu-Wool in Michigan. It is the best cellulose insulation available on the market today.

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